Catalyst Live is back

Catalyst Live 2014 was a wonderful festival of thought, art, faith and courageous thinking ‒ we loved it! And we’re very pleased to announce that Catalyst Live is back in 2016. It is back because it is needed. Too often, the Christian Church seems to be afraid of ideas – nervous about engaging with the complex, the challenging and the critical. We all know that this impression is false, that the body of Christ is rich with great minds, impressive debate and dazzling ideas. And Catalyst Live is all about bringing those minds and ideas to a broader audience – stimulating deeper and broader thought in our churches and among our thought leaders.

Philosophy, theology, art and science are valuable in themselves, but in a culture where faith is increasingly seen as irrational, Christian engagement with the intellectual dimension of things is not a slightly self-indulgent pastime. It is essential to our witness. It is, in a very real sense, the mission of the mind.

Catalyst Live has, over its last two incarnations, challenged and entertained audiences with top speakers from the worlds of politics, science, music, poetry, apologetics, theology, technology and philosophy (among many others). And Catalyst Live 2016 promises to bring more challenge, more stimulation, more profound ideas and more intellectual delight than ever before.

We’re really excited about the line-up for this year, and we’ll be announcing new speakers over the next few months. Expect to hear incisive thought from the World Church, voices from the world of literature and media, and theology to challenge and inspire.

Tickets are available now for our beautiful venues in Birmingham and Reading, and we’d encourage you to book soon to avoid disappointment.
We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

Mark Craig
Director for Communications
BMS World Mission